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Vacuum Cleaner Brands: Which Ones Are The Best?

For someone who has never gone shopping for a vacuum cleaner before, it'd hard to know which manufacturer is reputable and makes reliable products. If this is your situation, you will find our list of the best vacuum cleaner brands below helpful.

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Nowadays, this brand is one of the most popular names with many homeowners.

The main reason behind its success is that Shark can produce plenty of vacuum cleaners for modern usage. All of its products are easy to use while having powerful suction.

Shark has been introducing innovative technologies that are packed in excellent designs. As a result, Shark models are not just efficient but also look great as household machines.

For example, one of the features that Shark often boasts about is DuoClean, which, in simple terms, is having two different brushes at the cleaner's head. The hard-bristled brush can pick up the dirt imprinted in your carpets while the soft brush roll enables you to clean your hard floors while not damaging them.

The suction power won't disappoint you. Combining this and the well-designed cleaning path, you will have no trouble removing the dirt and dust from your house.

Besides that useful features, Sharks vacuums are also durable. You can buy one product and expect to have it for years before any serious breakdown issues happen.


Since its foundation by Melville R. Bissell and his wife in 1876, Bissell has become one of the most reputable manufacturers globally with Best vacuum cleaner for home .

With a century and a half of experience in applying innovations to the cleaning industry, you can expect nothing but upbeat quality and performance. The main philosophy behind Bissell's vacuums is making cleaning jobs easier, which we believe is also what you want.

Like other major vacuum cleaner brands, Bissell has a vast range of models for you to choose from, from bagged to bagless, from upright to handheld. Most of them are lightweight yet powerful with a great suction power to make the task of cleaning carpets simpler.

If you want an upright model, you will have no trouble finding one from Bissell's catalog. They come with multi-cyclonic technology and easy to empty dustbin, so you won't find the cleaning time so boring anymore.

Dirt Devil

Dirt Devil started off as a company in a backyard garage. And since then, the industry has witnessed one of the most wonderful growth and transformations before Dirt Devil becomes what it is today.

By making sure the customers have the greatest satisfaction, it has overcome challenges and made a name for itself as one of the best brands on the market.

Dirt Devil focuses a lot of its resources and efforts on making the best broom and stick vacuums. They are lightweight and convenient to reach difficult to clean areas. With thoughtful designs, Dirt Devil vacuums bring efficient and smooth cleaning results for hard floors. This is a task that not every model can do.


Eureka is a part of the Electrolux Group, one of the biggest home appliance brands in the world. We believe Electrolux is a name you are familiar with, which has a lot of household products in its catalog.

You can find Eureka’s Best Vacuum Cleaners Reviews  both in physical and online stores. They have different sizes and shapes, including stick, handheld, battery-powered, canister, and upright models.

It will give you an easy time finding replacement parts since Eureka has a tradition of making filters, belts, and bags for its products.


All of the brands above make incredible products in a wide range of types and budgets. You can always find a suitable product for you, whether it's for your carpets or hardwood floors.

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